Our market leading technology

Every Optical Express clinic features the laser technology that led NASA to approve the surgery for its astronauts.


VISX lasers are an industry leader and they are currently used to treat over 60% of patients in the USA. Their dependability and performance is well-known throughout the field and the S4 IR edition takes this reputation to an even higher level.

It's little wonder that celebrities including Tiger Woods and Cindy Crawford have selected the VISX laser for their own surgeries. Emitting a cool and gentle beam, the laser is able to reshape the cornea to a more precise degree than ever before.


Just like your fingerprint, your eyes are unique to you.

Both our LASIK and LASEK laser eye surgery procedures can be enhanced with iDesign, a revolutionary diagnostic technology which detects the surface of the eye's most minute imperfections.

When your prescription is measured for glasses and contact lenses, only one reading is taken, but with iDesign high-definition technology, five different measurements are collected. iDesign can capture over 1,200 micro readings of your prescription, five times more than previous Wavefront technology.

The 3D image produced is essentially a blueprint which provides your surgeon with the data required to generate a treatment plan that's uniquely customised to the exact specifications of your eye. This information is then transferred to a computer-guided laser, which will correct the imperfections in your prescription.

Not only does iDesign enable us to correct eye prescriptions to a higher degree of accuracy than glasses or contact lenses, but it allows us to treat more complex cases than ever before. Even patients who have been previously told they are unsuitable for eye surgery may now be able to benefit from laser eye surgery with iDesign.

iFS 150

The LASIK treatments at Optical Express are carried out using the IntraLase method, which creates a protective flap at the beginning of treatment. This is an all-laser technique, which utilises the advanced technology of the IntraLase iFS 150 femtosecond laser. Optical Express is the only nationwide provider to offer this in every treatment clinic.

The iFS 150 offers increased speed and control, superseding the laser technology offered by other providers. Since providing this technology, with its heightened precision, reduced treatment time and faster results, our patients are more satisfied than ever.