Eye test home visits

We offer free home eye assessments to qualifying patients in Central Scotland.

Free eye care in the comfort of your own home

Our highly qualified optometrists are well equipped to carry out your free eye health test in the comfort of your own home. We offer this service in Central Scotland and can also offer tests to carers at the same time, dependent upon eligibility.

Your home eye care test will last for around 40 minutes. Once your prescription has been determined, we're able to offer tailor made solutions. We're also pleased to be able to provide additional aftercare as part of the Optical Express Care Plan, which will protect your glasses from accidental damage.

What happens at a home eye care visit?

  1. Visit

    An Optical Express optometrist, accompanied by an optical assistant, will visit your home to test your eyes, discuss your prescription and help with any vision problems that you may be experiencing.

  2. Test

    We'll conduct a thorough eye test, using the latest technology, which lasts for 40 minutes. Drops may be put into your eyes to help with this.

  3. Choose

    Once your prescription has been determined, you can choose from a large selection of frames and vision solutions to find the best for you.

  4. Deliver and fit

    We'll agree a suitable time to deliver and fit your new glasses, again in your own home.

  5. Aftercare

    By taking out an Optical Express Care Plan, you'll have a comprehensive aftercare package which can protect your new glasses against accidental damage. You'll have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you can get a replacement pair quickly, if you need them.

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Why choose Optical Express?

From children's first eye tests to teenagers' glasses, from contact lenses to prescription sunglasses and from laser eye surgery and lens replacement in later life, we've looked after the health of our patients and their families' eyes for nearly 30 years. Not only do we provide the best in clinical care, but we have optical solutions for all patients too.

We've never stood still. Since we opened our first optical practice in 1991, over £400 million has been invested in technology, giving our clinicians access to the most advanced methods of vision correction and providing the best visual results for our patients.

At Optical Express, you'll find that we provide exceptional clinical expertise, outstanding surgical outcomes and a complete aftercare programme. We, quite simply, want to bring a new sense of joy into your life.

Optical Express has more 5 star reviews than all other Laser Eye Surgery providers in the UK combined.